The mission is to help feed, house, and empower humans to live, work, play, love, learn, and pay-it-forward for universal happiness, health, and self-less abundance.


Happy Hero Brands is to layout our specializations and demonstrate the structure of the overall organization, each specialization created to aid in fulfilling our mission.

An umbrella enabling the building of community for humanity. 

Think of the brands as frameworks and teams dedicated to building villages and cities like Starbase, Neom, The Line, Telosa, Walt’s original Epcot/Disney World, but not limited to a single location. More closely related, but not perfectly mirroring the vision for The Venus Project with a decentralized investment model attached. 

To repeat, the mission is simple: to help feed, house, and empower humans to live, work, play, love, learn, and pay-it-forward for universal happiness, health, and self-less abundance.

Brand Sidekick

Brand Sidekick is to assist Happy Hero Brands to both communicate with and empower consumers to understand our benefits and how to get the most value from us. 


Happy Hero Expo is to demonstrate the vision for our mission.


Happy Hero Inc is to incorporate as a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation — to help humans to be Fed, Housed, and Empowered by Property, Technology, and Mind Development. 

The corporation would be the steward of both the fund and token assets. 


Happy Hero Fund is to provide a solid base fund for investors to place their trust in the Public Benefit Corporation with considerable potential upside for early investors, while being more risky/less liquid than the Token. 


Happy Hero Ventures is to invest a portion of the Fund and Token in corporations created by members of the Alliance that aid in fulfilling the mission. 


Happy Hero Token is to issue a functional virtual currency run by solar powered building management computers in our Spaces; issued in exchange for government backed currency or real property. 

The government backed currency or real property is used to aid in fulfilling our mission. 

The outcome would be to provide interest on the tokens held and back it with the real property owned/developed. 

The token interest would come directly from the end users paying the investors(holders) through automated property management using our token. Automated reporting would allow for tax burdens to be calculated on an individual basis to turn over to governmental tax entities without potential for taxpayer error.  


Happy Hero Show is to have a daily show dedicated to sharing our mission with the world. 


EngineerFactory.Net is a virtual factory that “makes” engineers out of it’s consumers. 


Happy Hero App is an app that can embody the creator’s vision. 


Happy Hero Alliance is a membership that aligns the people necessary to expand the mission. 


Happy Hero Platform is a web-based platform for users to host and build their web/app prototypes. 


Happy Hero Construction is to build the Architecture and Infrastructure necessary to fulfill our mission. 


Happy Hero Robotics is utilizing a combination of constantly advancing software and machines to do the jobs humans cannot or should not do. 


Happy Hero Manufacturing is to make the pieces necessary to construct our Spaces, Villages, and Cities. 


Happy Hero Spaces is a catch-all for any of the various types of spaces we construct/build/develop. 


Happy Hero Studio is an individual workspace to create your best work. 


Happy Hero Housing is to build/construct/manufacture homes for everyone that needs them while innovating for health and comfort. 


Happy Hero Mall is a place for stores to exist. To centralize and refine the shopping experience for safety and convenience that feels like play.  


Happy Hero Office is a place where work can expand minds together. 


Happy Hero Camp is to be outdoors with the outdoors. An experience that uplifts nature and ourselves.


Happy Hero Hotel is luxuriously comfortable stay-spaces scaled to all levels of need. From the quick overnight stay to the vacation experience you remember for a lifetime. 


Happy Hero Healthcare is a building and/or campus that can assist with human health while looking at the whole human and needs. 


Happy Hero Farm is to grow an abundance of food through innovating the way land, water, and energy is used. 


Happy Hero Park is a space for human enjoyment as an outdoor extension of the community. 


Happy Hero Library is a place to learn and grow while following your curiosity. 


Happy Hero Hall is a place where performances can be held. Regardless of community budget limitations, it should always feel inspiring. 


Happy Hero Village is a combination of all the various spaces in close vicinity as a unit.  


Happy Hero City is multiple villages in close almost-overlapping vicinity of each other. 


Happy Hero Space is moving our spaces beyond Earth into Outer Space and other Planets. 


Happy Hero Institute is to be a Research and Development arm with the goal to provide a universal and essentially free to the learner; pre-k through doctorate-level education online. 


Happy Hero Jobs is to provide paid opportunities for humans to help fulfill our mission. 


Happy Hero Career is a long-term working relationship to fulfill jobs within the umbrella of Happy Hero Brands. 


TheMindGame.Net is a knowledge and habit algorithm for training our artificially intelligent neural network of human minds. A “first principles” toolkit for a better human life.

HappyHero.Ai is a network of human minds developing solutions, software, and properties — for happiness & achievement — empowering individuals to be the hero of their life story.